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Carnes Possidónio Lda.

       Carnes Possidónio, Lda., produces Artisanal Made sausages since 1997. We produce a diverse range of sausages (Chorizo/Smoked meat sausage, Morcela/black sausage, Paio/Smoked Sausage and Farinheiras/Alheiras/Traditional Sausages)
Our sales market has already gone beyond the borders of this country, so our products can already be found in several European countries (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Britain, Germany …)
“The Quality and Pleasure of Serving Well”, was, is and will always be our motto. The quality of our sausages comes from our grandparents’ time, in which we will always want to preserve the way of producing homemade sausages, handmade, the ARTISANAL way, from the bound (by hand), seasonings, slow process of maturation and healing, only dried with wood holm smoke, slowly, maintaining the quality of the spices and the traditions from our grandparents’ time. With a strict national meat selection criterion, we produce our sausages in modern facilities, duly licensed under the strictest food hygiene and safety control.


Zona Industrial – Telef. (+351) 271 701 001 / Fax (+351) 271 701 251
Talho Mercado Municipal Nº1,2 e 3 – Telef. (+351) 271 701 369
6370-128 Fornos de Algodres –

Jorge Possidónio
Sócio-Gerente – Telm.963 051 739

Serra da Estrela – PORTUGAL