Quality Management System

At Carnes Possidónio Lda., quality is understood as a fundamental objective through a permanent attitude towards the consolidation of its position in the market. The Company therefore understands that Quality constitutes a Strategic Guidance Line.

Success is Built on Quality
The Food Products produced and marketed by us are a promise to the consumer that the product is safe, that it complies with all legal regulations, that it meets high quality standards and ensures the guarantee of food safety.

The customer first
We want to serve our Customer well.
Our mission is to ensure compliance with the requirements of our Clients in order to satisfy their needs.

Quality is a Joint Effort
All company departments play an important role in the Quality and Food Safety of our products.
Likewise, suppliers contribute to Quality and to the guarantee of Food Safety, so we seek to establish partnerships with Suppliers, who are guided by the same Quality principles.

Quality is Made by People
It is only possible to guarantee Food Quality and Safety if all people are involved and sensitized.
It is through the involvement of employees that objectives can be achieved.
Training, communication and teamwork are crucial for the successful implementation of high standards of Quality and Food Safety.

Food Safety Culture
Continuously promote adequate training for our employees, in particular, within the scope of the Food Safety Culture and others, in order to develop their skills and enrich knowledge for an effective and responsible performance of their activities.

Quality is Action
Progress and innovation are fundamental to the competitiveness of Carnes Possidónio Lda.
The constant analysis of improvement opportunities must be developed and we must practice it daily.
Deviations and errors must be analyzed and corrected; Problems must be anticipated and eliminated before they occur. We must strive to achieve continuous improvement in all areas.

Certificado ISO 9001-2015 Carnes Possidónio Lda. (2021-2024)