iso9001Quality Management System

Carnes Possidónio, Lda. received the ISO 9001:2008, certification with which the certifying company SGS, recognizes companies that meet with its commitment to provide increasingly more quality to their customers.

With the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, SGS recognizes the success of Carnes Possidónio Quality Management System, for the development of work processes oriented to provide facilities that comply with all existing normative requirements and all of their client’s demands.

For this reason, and as standard, the company periodically reviews and updates, both its Quality Policy as well as the remaining processes.

Resulting exemples of the development of Carnes Possidónio Quality Policy:

Success is Built on Quality

  • Food Products manufactured and marketed by us are a promise to the consumer that the product is safe, that it meets all legal regulations, high quality standards and ensure food safety assurance.


The Customer/Client comes first

  • We want to serve our customer well.
  • Our mission is to ensure compliance with all of our clients requirements in order to satisfy their needs.


Quality is a Joint Effort

  • All company departments have an important role in the Quality and Safety of our products.
  • Similarly, suppliers contribute to the quality and assurance of food security, therefore we seek to establish partnerships with suppliers, which are guided by the same principles of Quality.


 Quality is Made by People

  •  It´s only possible to guarantee quality and food safety if all people are involved and sensitized.
  •  It is through the involvement of all employees that the objectives can be achieved.
  •  Training, communication and teamwork are crucial to the successful implementation of high standards of Food Quality and Safety.


Quality is Action

  •  Progress and innovation is fundamental to the competitiveness of MEAT Possidónio LDA.
  •  The constant analysis of opportunities for improvement must be developed and we must practice it daily. Deviations and errors must be analyzed and corrected; Problems must be anticipated and eliminated before they occur. We must strive to achieve continuous improvement in all areas.

To download the NP EN ISO 9001:2008   Certificate of Compliance Certificate