Nettle Sausage®


We recently estarted to produce a new type of traditional sausage (Alheira), Nettle Sausage. Visit us and try this new delicacy.

Summarized Characterization
Sausage made from pork meat minced and mixed with bread, seasoned with nettle, additives, condiments and spices.
The resulting paste is filled in a salted bovine tripe, previously washed and disinfected.
This sausage is not smoked.
Next it´s placed in a maturation chamber for about 12 hours at 3-4 ºc. After that time it enters the stabilizing chamber for another 24 hours, with temperatures between 10 to 20ºc and a relative humidity between 50 to 75%.

Wheat Bread, Water, Pork Meat, Onion, Garlic, Salt, Nettles, Spices

The product has the cylindrical shape of a horseshoe and has the following average dimensions:

  •  Diameter – 35 mm
  •  Length – 200 mm
  •  Weight – 250 to 350 g

It has a brownish yellow color, firm consistency, inner aspect consists of a homogeneous paste with a lumpy and well connected appearance, with casing without breaks and tight around the filling. Its appearance is slightly rough. This product is hand tied with cotton thread.

Treatments Applied
Ripening/Maturation – Consists on maintaining the product in a maturation chamber, with controlled temperatures and relative humidity, in order to obtain the typical organoleptic characteristics of the product.