Nettle´s Natural Properties

urtigaNatural properties of the nettle – The nettles are most often ignored and forgotten by the fact that they sting. They are a sort of herb that grow on wastelands and in gardens, in most cases they weeded because people are unaware that are edible and have healing properties.

Nettles were used in ancient Greece for healing purposes.

Nettles are rich in iron, and very effective in anemia situations..

This herb is rich in zinc, preventing hair loss and brittle nails ..
Nettle has serotonin in its composition, a substance present in the brain, responsible for regulating anxiety and mood swings.

Nettle tea is diuretic, strong constipations can be resolved with an infusion and nettle . By drinking this type of tea, you will surely have your constipation problem solved.

Nettle is rich in iron , calcium , magnesium, silicic acid , zinc , potassium, vitamins A , B2 , B5 , C , E.
Possesses hemostatic , astringent , anti-anemic and diuretic properties.
Nettle can be consumed in the form of infusion, juice and even as food for cooking. You can replace an ordinary spinach recipe with nettles.